Dynamic Pricing Intelligence for the Modern Retailer

Elevate Your Pricing Strategy with Price Connect : A Smart, AI-Driven Pricing Solution Tailored for Today's Competitive Retail Landscape

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Leverage the power of AI with Price Connect

Price Connect offers a unique solution that leverages the power of AI and data analytics to deliver precise competitor price analysis and dynamic pricing suggestions for you

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Competitor Price Analysis

Analyze your competitor's pricing in real time and understand your market positioning

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Dynamic Pricing

Utilize advanced AI algorithms to continuously analyze various factors and suggest optimal prices

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate with your existing POS and eCommerce systems for smooth flow of data and decision making

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Market Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve with market trends insights, enabling swift adjustments to your pricing

Why Price Connect ?

With a one-time cost per competitor site,Price Connect offers an effective solution that's both affordable and invaluable. Our transparent pricing model includes product data mapping, daily competitor site crawling, and OpenAI API integration

Strategic Partnership

More than just a tool, Price Connect serves as your strategic ally in navigating the retail landscape

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Robust Technology

Leveraging AI and cutting-edge technologies,Price Connect provides reliable and actionable insights


User-Friendly Interface

Designed with usability in mind, Price Connect offers an intuitive experience that simplifies complex pricing challenges


Price Connect in action!

Experience Price Connect in action. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and discover how Price Connect can revolutionize your pricing strategy

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