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Effectively manage and utilize human resources. Recruit, hire, manage and ease the
implementation of policies and procedures related to employee relations and behavior

Integrated human resource department

Effective management of recruitment, development, performance appraisal , employee relations and administration to attain strategic goals with streamlined human capital

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Employee database

Enables you to store, manage, and track employee’s data centrally and maintains different feilds of personnel data


Shift contol

Determine and import shift rosters along with management of overtime work hours and shift handovers


Payroll management

Design and administrate the compensation packages, policies. Smoothly add, change and update pay stuctures


Workforce management

Optimizes employee effiency, provides an exceptional employee experience, enables real-time visibility and reduces integrity risk


Manpower hunt

Identify and attract the best suitable candidates and ensure that new hires fit the role through best methods and tools


Scrutinize requirements

Create job profiles,evaluate,select,recruite and facilitate training programs



Facilitates smooth add,updation and making changes to employees personal,professional and administrative details


Job Change

Streamline and automate the process of managing job changes and employee shifts and shuffles with position management


Leave assistance

Keep a record of all your employees time off effortlessly


Leave requests

Handling your employees leave requests by allowing them to propose directly and get notified. Decide to either approve or to refuse, and add refusal explanation easily

Compute balance

Calculate the number of leave hours available for each employee based on the number of days worked or the length of time an employee has been with the company


Prepare leave adjustment record for all the unplanned employee time off with the leave balance assigned according to the company’s policies efficiently

Time Management is an art

TIME TRACKING - Enables you to organize and plan your time to work smarter. Keep track of your team’s working hours with online timesheets and simplify your processes

Single system for time and attendance

Allows to track employee presence, the time spent at work, overtime working hours and the time spent on specific projects by each employee


Biometric integration

Facilitates the use of biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to automatically record the time an employee arrives and leaves work


Real time calculation

Performs mathematical operations and analyses data as it is being input and performs calculations quickly and accurately


Reporting and analytics

Examines and drills down the data, presenting it in a meaningful and actionable way to provide a summary and important metrics to decision-makers


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