The POS system you have been waiting for!

Centralize the operations of your store, process transactions, manage inventory, follow orders, create reports of the store’s activities and much more!

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The best retail experience, Anytime Anywhere!

Empower your store associates to provide customers with a delightful experience, whether you keep your device mobile or fixed at the counter

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Unified commerce capabilities

Provide a customer-centric experience with real-time data across all your touchpoints

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Responsive design

The latest design trends meet flexible grids, layouts and intelligent use of CSS

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Custom fields, customizable buttons, receipts and invoices

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Compatible with any hardware, no installation or specific hardware required

Transform your retail operations

Cutting-edge features that can help businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and better serve their customers by providing a more efficient and personalized experience

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with third-party apps to communicate and share data with each other without the need for manual intervention, resulting in a smooth and efficient workflow

 Seamless Integration

Multistore Management

Retail businesses can coordinate and control their operations better across multiple locations, making it easier to track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions

 Seamless Integration

Mobile POS

Capable of making the process of managing the sales floor, fulfilling online or phone orders, and processing customer transactions easy during busy periods

 Seamless Integration

Always On!

Continue operations, reduce chaos, and improve customer satisfaction with offline mode

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Automatic Switch

Strong offline mode that kicks in automatically when the internet is down

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Automatic Sync

Transactions get automatically synced to channel database as soon as connection is restored

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Offline Alert

Customize alerts to be notified when your POS goes offline

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Offline Payments

Create a threshold for offline payments and be notified when payment is accepted offline

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Efficient Inventory Management

With accurate tracking, smart stock forecasts, and automated replenishment alerts, simplify your workflow to improve performance and process time

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Product management

Create categories, product variants and SKUs for better control over your stock

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Reorder points

Set reorder points and low-stock alerts to minimize out-of-stock

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Easy Integrations

Easily integrate with other apps in Suite as your business grows

Trusted and loved by over 2000 businesses

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our users say

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CW POS integrates seamlessly with all your favorite tools

With CW POS, we were able to increase our sales by 8% within the first 2 months and can see opportunities for better speed and stability.

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Joshua Wilson

COO, Trendy Casuals

CW POS fits like a glove to our business
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Kinjal Parmar

Fancy Joker

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Really easy to update and manage inventory
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Wade Warren

Logistics officer, Ib and Kimchi

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CW has extremely intuitive analytics. When it comes to qua...
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Binu Tirunal

Sales Manager

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Its an all-in-one application for all your needs
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Robert Fox

Business Entrepreneur

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