Empower Your Retail Business with CW Suite

Discover a unified, scalable, and flexible solution that streamlines retail operations and enables seamless integration with existing tools

A truly unified commerce platfom

Brings together all aspects of a retailer's business, including inventory management, customer data, sales channels, and more, into a single, cohesive system


Unify sales channels in real time

Allows retailers to seamlessly integrate and manage all of their sales channels from one central location, in real time


Streamline inventory management

Optimize your inventory system to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and better adapt to changes in demand


Empower store associates

Well-equipped associates are able to assist customers effectively, process transactions efficiently, and contribute to the overall success of the store


Exceed customer expectations

Differentiate yourselves from competition by going above and beyond what is expected in order to provide an exceptional experience for customers

Empowering businesses of all sizes with scalable solutions


Providing SMEs with improved efficiency, increased productivity, better data management, cost savings, and a competitive advantage

Large Business

Providing large businesses with better collaboration, customization and scalability, and improved customer experience


Automate manual tasks, provide a centralized location for data, enable team collaboration, improve productivity, provide real-time insights, and stay ahead of competitors with the latest technology


Apps for every aspect of your business

Select specific tools that best meet your needs and goals from our collection of apps that are designed to support various aspects of a business



Process transactions, monitor inventory and buying trends, track pricing accuracy and collect marketing data with an interactive CW POS system


Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory and have centralized control over your stocks to minimize out-of-stocks



Manage and automate the procurement process, save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency

Pricing that suits you

Value based pricing for all apps so you get more than you pay

No long-term contracts

Apps work on a subscription basis with no hidden fees

No card details required

Start your journey with no payment information

Our happy users

The ease of use of Suite apps makes business operations super easy. Definitely more value for the money

Vrinda Singh, Just In co-founder


We are here for you

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