Streamline your stock, simplify your business

Accurate management of inventory, from purchasing and receiving new stock, to tracking sales and reordering products

Centralized Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of inventory levels to quickly identify inventory shortages and surpluses to make informed decisions

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Data Sync

Update stock level across all channels, locations, devices, and teams

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Seamless Integration

Easy integration with existing systems and external tools

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Avoid Out-of-Stock

Set up alerts to avoid low stock and out-of-stock situations; configure re-order inventory points

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Accept advance orders, send estimates & quotations, and fulfil and deliver special orders

Invoicing & Pricing

Create and send professional invoices along with tracking payments and overdue invoices. Manage the pricing of your products and increase revenue and profit

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Customize Invoice

Pick an invoice theme and customize it to match the branding and style of your business

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Digital Receipts

Create your own digital receipts and send it to customers over different channels

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Bulk Price Changes

Adjust the prices of multiple products at once to quickly and efficiently adjust prices in response to market conditions

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Price Book

Manage and track price changes over time; Ensure consistency in pricing across different channels or locations

Advanced analytics

View and analyze inventory data with a variety of reports to make better decisions about inventory management

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Stock Movement Report

Analyze the flow of stock in and out of the warehouse over a given period of time. Also shows information such as the location of the stock, the quantity of stock moved, and the reason for the stock movement

Stock Aging Report

Shows the age of the stock, which can help businesses to identify slow-moving or obsolete products

Custom Reports

Create reports tailored to specific business needs or requirements with report builder. Can be saved and exported in various formats such as PDF, Excel, and CSV

And there’s More!

Checkout several other features that can help businesses to optimize inventory operations

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Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner

Quickly and easily update inventory levels by scanning the barcodes on products as they are received, sold, or moved



Minimize deadstock by automating backend processes, convert sales orders into invoices, generate e-bills, issue delivery challan etc

Manage Products

Manage Products

Organize products by location, type and more; Upload high resolution photos for visual tracking; Create product variants and unique serial numbers; Product import tool

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