Administer your finances, Expand your business

Managing finances effectively to help retailers improve their financial performance and make better decisions to achieve robust growth.

Integrated Financial Management

Create and monitor new revenue streams, improve cash flow, achieve efficiency, and minimize financial risk to unlock the true potential of your business

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Flexible Reporting

Lower your financial vulnerability by accessing pertinent data insights

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Analyse and Forecast

Enhance your company's flexibility and responsiveness by implementing financial planning throughout your entire organization

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Control Expenses

Achieve greater efficiency in closing, cash management, and reporting to control costs

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Attain Efficiency

Gain effective and streamlined performance in financial operations

Accounting and Budgeting

Enhance financial visibility by managing revenue, cash and risk with real time data

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Automated workflow

Ensure faster completion of financial statements with automated processes

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Chart of Accounts

Create and maintain different accounts which include Revenue, Expenses, Assets and more

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Compare discrepancies between your financial accounts and bank statement balance

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Integrate budgeting

Manage budgets with a clear understanding of financial commitments, expenses and payments

Asset Management

Manage and optimize the use of the company’s financial assets like stock, dividend, machinery, equity and so on to help establish efficient asset models

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Track status

Track the purchase, sale, and current value of assets, as well as provide information on the income or expenses associated with the assets of the business

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Asset Reports

Generate reports on assets, such as balance sheets and income statements, which can be used to make more informed decisions about the management of assets.

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Calculate Depriciation

Calculate the depreciation based on the asset‘s cost, estimated useful life, and automatically record the depreciation in the company‘s financial records.

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