Enterprise Suite
Built for the Future

Automate and Grow your business with One unified
management suite encompassing ERP, Financials, CRM,
Analytics, POS and more

The Next-Gen Enterprise Solutions.

To be a next level company, you need next level visibility and control across your entire business. CW Suite of applications offers a comprehensive and affordable enterprise solution that handles the complexities and nuances of your business by seamlessly interacting with each other and providing instant visibility to make smart decisions in real time.




Longer Implementation Cycle

Several factors delay the implementation duration of any ERP solution. CW solution follows a detailed project management strategy to deliver with the highest quality in a faster and more efficient manner.



Data Migration

The process of data migration is one of the most vital elements of the ERP implementation. CW Solutions automates this process to accelerate the data migration activity and performs a post-migration validation process to identify any discrepancies.

Project Planning

Inclusive Preparation

Continuous Improvement

An ERP solution reworks several processes within an organization; CW Solutions is designed with an eye towards incorporating newer technologies that supports the ever-evolving needs of businesses.



What we offer.


A comprehensive, one-stop solution that optimizes the flow of information, materials, resources and cash in an organization. It enables growing businesses to gain a strategic edge by streamlining processes across multiple domains.

Omni Channel Retail

Break down the walls between your various sales channels and streamline your customer experience. Central management of orders and inventory, efficient integration with POS, ERP, increase in sales and traffic, boosted customer loyalty and database and more with our Omnichannel Retail solution.

Unified Commerce

An integrated solution with CRM, Order Management and ERP components which empowers users with complete autonomy on managing their marketing, orders, inventory and pricing across all online sales channels.

F&B Suite

Taking care of the business side of food like ordering and inventory, managing budgets and planning and costing menus. Improve profitability and longevity by meeting the demands of today’s food and beverage market and maintaining high service standards thus building loyalty.

WM Suite

Redesign warehouse operations, improve productivity, reach optimal inventory levels and achieve better order fulfillment with CW-WM Suite


Make every customer interaction count. A connected set of tools that goes beyond typical CRM to help you build, manage and foster brand loyalty. Integrate all your business data to create a 360-degree perspective of your customer and their interactions.

Business Analytics

CW – Business Analytics Suite is a comprehensive platform with tools for data mining and statistical analysis to transform unstructured data into useful information which helps to identify and anticipate trends and outcomes, and ultimately make smarter, data-driven business decisions.