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All coins were issued to the community. No new coins will ever be issued.


All coins were issued to the community. No new coins will ever be issued.

1. Architect

We at CW Solutions believe in AIM (Architect, Implement and Manage) approach with all our customers. This helps us to identify the challenges faced by our customers and help to mitigate them by delivering a tailored solution. The Architect phase is where we understand the customer challenges and identify the exact solution fit for the customer. Typically, the part of the Architect work is managed by the Pre-Sales Team and the further details are defined at the start of the next phase which is Implementation.

Custom development needed

Deployment methods


Implementation phasing

Data migrations

Data volumes

Master Data setup

Other configurations

2. Implement

The Implement phase is a crucial phase which includes the project to be implemented with the agreed scope of work and will be built on the details that were gathered during the earlier discussions and covered as part of the final approved proposal and contract.

Project Mobilisation

Design of the Solution

Solution Building and configuration

Building Customisations

Test Planning and Execution

User Acceptance Planning and Execution

Training (End User and Technical)

Go-Live Strategy and Roll Out Plan

Handover to Maintenance Team

3. Manage

The Manage phase is the final phase which includes the ongoing support provided to the customer. This phase is initiated as a transition during the Implement phase to ensure a complete and a smooth handover to the respective support team members. This typically includes the user trainings and timely updates to the solution as well.

Contract details with Predefined SLA's

Customer Trainings to IT Staff and End users

Technical integration and setup documentation

Documentation of all Customised developments done

Detailed User Manuals for existing functionality

Trainings on the new features and enhancements

Documentation and updating of user manuals

Manage the Issues/ bugs tracking and fixation

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